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April Seminar 2022

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

E kiteaai ngātaonga o temoana, me mākūkoe.

If you seek the treasures of the ocean, you’d better get wet


1000mm x 1200mm

Oil on Belgian linen


800mm x 700mm

Oil on Belgian linen


1000mm x 900mm

Oil on Belgian linen

Red Hoodie

800mm x 700mm

Oil on Belgian linen

These works are charged with an uneasy silence.

The raw pathos of dynamic human relations can have a critical effect on mental health and well-being. It is not always the issues in front of us that we should worry about, it's the things that come in sideways that can unexpectedly impact people most severely and can be mentally unravelling.

Psychological tension can be very troubling and leave one in a vulnerable state of fragility leading to acts of concealment, avoidance of contact or blindness to the truth.

With the practices of Michael Borremans and Lucian Freud in view, this body of work sets out to explore the visceral layers of human life, attempting to evoke a sense of introspection and psychological alienation, anguish, vulnerability and pained regret.


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