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Henrietta Harris

An Inquiry

19th Oct - 12th November 2022

Melanie Roger Gallery

Henrietta Harris ( b. 1984) is an Auckland artist who is having her fifth solo exhibition at Melanie Roger Gallery. Her practice has been characterised by precise technique and psychological intensity. Most recently Harris experiments with traditional modes of portraiture, creating immaculately rendered paintings in which brush-marks were all but eliminated.

Henrietta has been working to unwind her tendency towards perfection and finish.

Harris's Fixed It series saw her take to fully worked-up likenesses with thick pink paint, obscuring the faces of her subjects with impromptu scribbles, reintroducing an element of obfuscation and abstraction in an effort to resist her tendency towards perfection and finish. Harris has also produced landscapes in which her works were largely free of artistic deformation and with a distinctly photographic quality.

Her current exhibition An Inquiry is a 'meditation on the here and now.' In this exhibition Harris explores the 'purposefully slowing down, zooming in, pausing and cropping.'1 A change of canvas weight has led to a deeper vibrance in colour and a looser brush-stroke in this latest body of work.

Henrietta Harris, Hello Me, 710mm x 610, oil on canvas, 2022.

Henrietta Harris, Pink Soles, 305mm x 355mm, oil on canvas, 2022.

Henrietta Harris, Slime, 710mm x 610mm, oil on canvas, 2022.

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