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April Seminar 2021


900m x 900mm x 35mm

Oil on canvas

The Regretted Moment

900mm x 900mm x 35mm

Oil on canvas



900mmx 900mm x 35mm

Oil on canvas

This series has developed from my research into nostalgia. Using collected images, I aim to prompt autobiographical memories and a reconstruction of past experiences. Creating a painterly exploration of the gradual passage of one phase to the next, the discontinuities of life, transition, the idea of reduction, continuity vs discontinuity, even life vs death.

I am in a transformation phase of my journey and nostalgia helps to preserve my identity:

an emotion, a desire, a state, a mood, all I feel, fulfilling a need for security.

My supervisors suggested I leave the third piece Friendship unfinished for the April seminar presentations in order for me to discuss the process. Allowing the vitality of the brushstroke to be seen in the grisaille Then perhaps explore different versions of completion moving forward.

I have been looking into the work of Belgian artist Michaël Borremans with respects to content, composition and palette.

I have also been spending a lot of time trying to better understand the painting techniques used by both Rembrandt and Odd Nerdrum, working really hard in attempt to incorporate some new techniques to help my work develop more movement, energy and vitality.


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