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Brenda Goodman’s Fearless Self-Portraits

I was fascinated to learn about artist Brenda Goodman, with a career spanning over 50 years, based in New York City.

Goodman has relentlessly explored the physical and psychological limits of painting, freely moving between figuration and abstraction.

A solo exhibition SELF-PORTRAITS, January 11 - February 12, 2022 at Sikkema Jenkins & Co in New York City, presenting a survey of Goodman's self-portraits, dating back to 1974.

Considered "one of the most powerful and disturbing achievements of portraiture in modern art " by critic John Yau.

I am fascinated by her "fearlessness in pursuit of this subject." And " the unlikely combination of raw pathos and tenderness" in her work. Also her "preoccupation with the body in tandem with her audacious rejection of portraiture based on likeness and the face."


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