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February Seminar

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Welcome to my Blog Post

My recent practice of large scale portraiture strongly reflects my cultural journey.

My exploration and research in the first steps of my studies has already posed some very interesting questions about my practice....both regarding my content and my traditional technique...

In our first seminar, two of the Gallery visits stood out to me.

Tim Melville had a group show Nine Maori Painters.

The works by Shane Cotton intrigued me. Sun Shot, Slow Sun and Rawhiti. His works are a form of portraiture, albeit very different to mine, I was very inspired by their loose simplicity and play with colour. This has enabled me to explore some open ended thoughts around technique and style.

I also loved the works by Star Gossage, in particular Piki Te Ora. The juxtapostion of colours, as well as blend of representational style with a form of Impressionism.

As a cohort we also visited the Auckland City Art Gallery, Toi Tu Toi Ora exhibition.

The largest exhibition in the gallery's 132 year history, and the largest exhibition of Maori art ever staged anywhere in the world.

I was blown away. Particularly as we had the honour of meeting participating artists Ayesha Green, whom spoke to us about her art. And Ngahuia Harrison, who also gave us her artists talk. I was especially moved by her discussion about her Aunty's work; Shona Rapira-Davies, Nga Morehu. This is a life sized sculpture which had been sitting in the basement for many many years. Its incredibly moving... has a very strong message and is also a very interesting form of portraiture for me to consider......

Nga Morehu

Shona Rapira-Davies

Toi Tu Toi Ora exhibition February 2021

Auckland Art Gallery-TOI O TAMAKI


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