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Grace Wright



Kitchener Street

Current Exhibition 6-23 July 2022

I viewed Grace Wright's paintings in her current exhibition Asking For A Dream at GOW Gallery in Kitchener Street during the week of our July seminars.

They are all very large works that appear energetic and gestural. I would describe them as painted abstract forms referencing interior landscapses. Wright cites influences on her thinking as diverse as 17th century religious paintings.1

I found myself drawn to these works through intrigue to look more closely at why they appeared warm and cosy. I discussed this with the gallery assistant present at the time. She agreed and described them as being ' delicious ' works.

I think they appeared this way because of the contrast of light and dark hues used in each composition. This technique also builds on the depth that is felt in these works.

I was very interested to see how Wright had areas in these works that are raw and unpainted, revealing the ground of her linen, as well as areas that were thin and transparent creating layers, and then areas which had thick impasto paint that were empowering over the top of everything else. This is a technique that I have been exploring in my recent works.

Figure 1. Grace Wright, A Gaze To Be Held Forever, 2022.

The photos below show the detail in the painting of the technique I describe.

Figure 2 shows the raw linen ground that is visible in parts of the painting.

Figure 2. Grace Wright, (A Gaze To Be Held Forever) detail, 2022.

Figure 3 shows thick impasto areas of the painting...

Figure 3. Grace Wright, (A Gaze To Be Held Forever) detail, 2022.

Figure 4 shows areas of layered transparency...

Figure 4. Grace Wright, (A Gaze To Be Held Forever) detail, 2022.

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  1. Grace Wright, 2022, acrylic on linen, 2830mm x 2240mm, GOW Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, accessed July 11, 2022,


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